Thursday, June 19, 2008

Anti-virus and search indexing programs can affect Visual Studio build performance

On Scott Guthrie's blog, he has mentioned how sometimes anti-virus and search indexing programs can affect Visual Studio's build performance.

One issue I've seen reported several times are cases where virus scanners, spy-bot detecters, and/or desktop search indexing tools end up monitoring a directory containing a project a little too closely, and continually change the timestamps of these files (they don't alter the contents of the file - but they do change a last touched timestamp that VS also uses).  This then causes a pattern of: you make a change, rebuild, and then in the background the virus/search tool goes in and re-searches/re-checks the file and marks it as altered - which then causes VS to have to re-build it again.

Such programs are known to cause problems on production systems too.

(via: Visual Web Developer Team Blog)

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